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The full price "Ridekang" brand feed products cover all stages of pig feed. In addition to conventional feed, it also includes boar feed and gilt feed. The company's famous nutrition experts in the United Nations have developed three series of products according to different customer needs, namely the 6 series, the 7 series and the 8 series.

1. save time

The maturation process improves the nutrient digestion and absorption rate, and it is released more than 7 days earlier.

2. Effortless

Reduce labor costs, one person can easily raise 500-800 fattening pigs, and work efficiency is increased by 3 times.

3. Worry free

Eliminate farmers' worries about poor quality caused by purchasing inferior raw materials.

4. Nutritional balance and stable quality

Using high-quality raw materials, scientific formula, balanced nutrition. Imported production equipment, advanced production technology, stable and reliable quality.

5. High digestion and absorption rate, low feed and meat ratio

The nutrient digestion and absorption rate is increased by more than 10% compared with powder, and the ratio of feed to meat can be reduced by 0.2-0.3.

Designed according to the nutritional needs of pigs during the growth stage, it helps the growth of bones in the early stage and the deposition of protein in the later stage. Therefore, the slaughter pigs are of good size, high lean meat rate, and good meat quality and are welcomed by slaughter companies.