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Social Responsibility

After  nearly 20 years of development, the company has become a modern  agricultural enterprise integrating production, scientific research and  trade. It is a national key leading enterprise of agricultural  industrialization, an agricultural benchmarking enterprise of Heyuan  City, and the chairman of Heyuan agricultural industrialization leading  enterprise association. The development of the company benefits from the support of national policy, government and local people. Therefore, the company has been actively undertaking social responsibility and making efforts to give back to the society.

Actively participate in industrial poverty alleviation work

The company actively responds to the call of central industrial poverty alleviation and targeted poverty alleviation, participates in the "village revitalization" work of Heyuan City, absorbs industrial poverty alleviation funds, and helps poor households increase their economic income in the form of stable income. Since 2018, the company has signed industrial poverty alleviation cooperation agreements with relevant townships in Heyuan City, absorbing more than 20 million yuan in poverty alleviation funds, and driving more than 2,000 poor households and more than 8,000 people to increase capital income. The company will continue to participate in the industrial poverty alleviation work and achieve the win-win goal of enterprise development and farmers' income increase.

Actively participate in social welfare undertakings

For a long time, the company has actively participated in various public welfare activities such as new rural construction, education, caring for left-behind children, and helping students with love, and has continued to increase funding for poverty alleviation. The company insists on holding the "Study Aid to Realize Dreams" activity every year, and more than 200 students have been donated so far. In addition, the company also expresses its support and assistance to the education undertakings through various forms such as sponsoring surrounding schools to improve teaching conditions, caring for left-behind children, and condolences to local teachers. Since its establishment, it has donated about 15 million yuan to all sectors of society. The company’s caring assistance has effectively assisted the poverty alleviation work, and won the "Red Cotton Cup Bronze Cup" and "Wan Green Cup Gold Award" of the provincial and municipal "Poverty Alleviation Day" activities (2015-2018 Guangdong Poverty Alleviation Bronze Cup of the Distressed Hongmian Cup, 2016, 2017, and 2018 Heyuan City launched the Guangdong Poverty Alleviation Green Cup Gold Award).

Actively participate in the "Thousand Enterprises Helping Thousand Villages" activity

In 2018, the company actively responded to the “Thousands of Enterprises Helping Thousands of Villages” launched by the Heyuan Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, and helped more than 10 villages in pairs, and carried out the renovation of poor households’ old houses, the construction of cultural squares, the construction of village roads, and the street lighting. Chemical engineering and other work helped each village build into a beautiful village with "production development, ample life, civilized rural style, clean village appearance, and democratic management", and won the title of "Thousands of Enterprises Helping Thousands of Villages" in Heyuan City. The company actively participated in various poverty alleviation activities, fully demonstrating the sense of responsibility to care for and give back to society. The company will continue to uphold the traditional Chinese virtues of poverty alleviation and charity, and continue to support the construction of various public welfare undertakings.

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